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What are we doing

Product Development


The new product is going to launch in a matter of days which will revolutionize the way people view things. Coupled with machine learning, the new tech will tap into the consumer psychology, learn and delivering results. 

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Technology Services


Do you spend most of your IT budget on internal maintenance? If yes, then its time to outsource some of the functions. Trust us so that you can focus on your core functions and running business.



Data drives businesses be it small or large. Leveraging data analytics and machine learning, a business can understand the drivers of business, tap into growth cycle and learn more about customer choices.

About Us

 Datopsys is a product & services based startup. The startup specializes in the product development, IT services and analytics solutions for clients ranging from MSMEs to large cap companies. The firm has been founded by an IIT Guwahati graduate and run by the team of IIT and IIM graduates. 

Currently our focus is on our product development and we are launching a content based application for the Indian market. It will be a web and mobile application aimed to tap into the voice of the people, understand their opinion and behavior and help the businesses grow with the insights. 

We are currently Hiring aggressively for positions of content writers.