The Opinia - Short News & Life Stories

Read the latest Short News and Real Life Stories around you in English and Hindi. Flip through the short news and scroll through the real life stories for free. A few minutes read - anytime, anywhere!  

The Opinia app provides content for its Indian users in English and Hindi 

  • Short News which can be read within a minute 
  • Life Bytes where people read and write real life stories in English and Hindi - a forum for social learning  

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About Us



Datopsys is a technology based startup founded by a team of IIT and IIM graduates.


Our focus is on product development and we are launching a content based application for the Indian market. It will be a web and mobile application aimed to bring knowledge and entertainment together which will change the way people view and consume the content.

We are currently Hiring aggressively for positions of content writers and mobile app developers